The most popular smartphone games

The list of the top ten smartphone games includes not only recent projects, but also old ones, many of which have long been included in the Gold Fund and have become classic models that respect many modern gamers. Today, mobile devices are often many times more powerful than stationary computers ten years ago.

This is the reason why we can make a list of the top ten smartphone games. The fact is that with smartphones modern people not only look for places where they can quickly and inexpensively eat nearby, but also spend their time in queues, recess, trains and traffic. All these circumstances are simply ideal for playing a mobile game.

10 best games for Android smartphones in 2022

Android is a mobile operating system that still occupies more than 85% of the market, despite the introduction of alternative platforms that happens in the modern world. This is why many Android device owners have to keep in mind the list of the top ten smartphone games in different genres. We used feedback statistics from Google Play Market:

  1. Critical Ops: Multiplayer. This is the development of such a company as Critical Force Ltd. is a fascinating shooter in modern style with multiple game modes. The experts were pleased with the beautiful graphics and convenient elements of management.
  2. Shadowmatic. This is the development of Triada Studio Games. The puzzle with shadows. The gamer’s task is to compose a multicomponent item of random shapes. Users claim that experiments in the world of graphic shadows help them relax better than antidepressants.
  3. Sky: Children of the Light. «Children of Light». The developer of this game is Thatgamecompany Inc. in this game, the characters are fighting to get the light of stolen or disappeared Stars.
  4. Plants VS. Zombies 2. These are the famous «Plants against Zombies» from the team Electronic Arts. It is interesting to be able to fight and destroy vampires, travelling through time and epochs. This is kind of a time machine in pursuit of Zombies.

    Plants VS. Zombies 2
  5. Chuchel. This is the creation of Amanita Design. This is the adventure of the fun and absurd Chuchel. Each gamer will see a lot of humour and puzzles, quests and just games in the style of classic Packman and Tetris.
  6. Lara Croft GO. This is a legendary adventure in search of ancient treasures from SQUARE ENIX LTD. No modern gamer can accurately answer the question that the game or Hollywood blockbuster appeared earlier. The gameplay of this game consists of fascinating quests and intricate puzzles in search of ancient artefacts that frighten gamers with their dangers and give him or her a lot of pleasant experiences.
  7. Hitman: Sniper. Sniper is one of the most popular roles in games. The developer of this project is the same as Lara Croft. Experienced Agent 47 with the right to kill mercilessly destroys not only his country’s enemies, but also, for a change, shoots bloodthirsty Zombies. The unique feature of this game is tracking the trajectory of a bullet.
  8. Asphalt 9: Legends. Development of Gameloft SE. Nowadays, a rarity is a pack of mobile games without racing, and it really is. It’s also the ultimate vehicle personalization and even autopilot option. This is why the plot develops almost without effort from the rider in this game.
  9. Flourishing Empires (Virtual Studio). It is a hybrid war in the style of action strategy in mediaeval style and 3D format. In the plot, you can join the Royal Rati or risk becoming King and own a whole realm. There is cool gameplay, but the graphics are pretty weak.
  10. Brawl Stars from Supercell. This game has attracted millions of users, mostly teenagers. Gameplay attracts a combination of many popular genres. All the best is collected and concentrated in one story.

We have compiled this list randomly because user opinions are diverse. There are many discussions that call into question the fact which game is more interesting and of better quality. Nevertheless, we can mention such interesting projects as Fortnite from Epic Games, Shadow Fight 2 from Nekki, Terraria from 505 Games Srl. Among other things, you can make spending time in mobile games more fun if you connect your mobile device to a smart TV or desktop computer with a large screen.