Quest games for PC — list of best games in 2022

The routine of everyday life in modern society is not devoid of problems and worries, but due to the repetition of events, modern people are often tired emotionally and psychologically. Therefore, the person begins to suffer from stress and decides to help himself or alcohol, or sports, or travel.

There is also such a category of users who are used to relaxing and distracting from the routine with computer quests, and they do it well. We will show you a list of the best adventure games for PC and mobile devices.

Game quest and its essence

The genre of computer quests appeared in the form of an interactive component of popular television programs about survival:

  1. During the quest, participants should explore places, buildings, territories, planets and objects never seen before.
  2. In the process of research, the participant gets into difficult and even impossible situations. In order for him to get out of the enclosed room or cage, he must pass through the closed door. In the future, you will have to solve the puzzle in order to figure out what the key is for and how to find it.
  3. The difference between the quests and traditional puzzles is that the participant will be under pressure to solve each puzzle with limited time. For example, if a participant does not find the key and open the doors in time, he or she will drown in a fast-flowing stream of water, be burned in a burning flame or be killed by a time bomb.

The best quests games for the PC simulate real adventures, fighting for life, combat, catastrophes and force majeure. In difficult circumstances, when man has to solve unsolvable riddles in a limited time, the deep nature of man manifests itself, as well as the best qualities of character and even superpowers are revealed.

In this regard, psychologists recommend using the best PC-themed adventure games as an effective means of self-development and intellectual enhancement. The most important thing is that in the game quest, each participant is not at risk of death or injury. Therefore, the level of mental and mental tension does not exceed the permissible.


Quest games for PC — list of best games in 2022

The PC quests rankings that we will show you in this article contain projects of different genres and release years. That’s why every fan of such pastime will find something interesting in them:

  1. Chuchel. As experts believe, this quest is suitable for almost any audience. The adventures of an incomprehensible creature with puzzles.
  2. The Dark Pictures: Little Hope. The story repeats popular Hollywood horror stories about teenagers poisoned on a bus weekend. In the trip, young people caught up with the Mist and teenagers will have to exert all their strength and ability to return home.
  3. MACHINARIUM. Classic of the genre. The brave robot Josef sets out to find his missing friend to save her and restore the once beautiful city of Machinarium to its former harmony.
  4. Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments. The stories of legendary detective Holmes and his friend Watson are among the most popular books of all time. And now, with the help of computer technology, it is possible to personally participate in complex investigations and solve puzzled crimes, restoring justice and ensuring the inevitability of punishment.
  5. Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall. The iconic adventures of the fearless, paranormal, pretty Nancy Drew. The rustic landscape, the abandoned, cursed ancient castle are the perfect decorations for the quest.

There are also such interesting projects as Rusty Lake: Cube Escape Collection, Limbo, Edna & Harvey: The Breakout-Anniversary Edition and Syberia. All these wonderful games will not leave any gamer indifferent and will not allow him or her to be bored in a rare hour of leisure.