IT Sales Manager: sale of virtual keyboards and other tools

In every company that aims to make a profit, there is a specially trained sales manager. He or she helps to find new customers, increase trading volumes and scale business. IT is no exception, and therefore all organizations need experienced and skilled sellers.

Who is Sales Manager in IT

The IT Sales Manager is responsible for assisting in the implementation of the company’s software products, whatever they may be. For example, the company that creates software has developed a Photo Keyboard app that helps users to replace the standard keyboard in Android devices with a more advanced and personalized analogue. Accordingly, in this case, the specialist must work out the main sales channels, negotiate with the right people and even ensure popularity on different platforms. There are more complex examples but as a rule, android free apps downloads or the sale of paid programs operates through a limited set of websites.

Photo Keyboard app
Android app

Thus, the importance of a manager in any company is to become a link between potential customers and business. At the same time, its main objective is to transform potential consumers into real ones. Also, we should not forget that the seller also serves as the face of the manufacturer, because his approach and ability to work with customers largely depends on how they will relate to the product and the company developing software products.

Set of manager goals

Set of seller functions is not limited to the specifics of business. if we try to describe the main areas of work briefly, we will have the following list:

  • market research, search for new customers, interaction with them;
  • organization of presentations and meetings;
  • interaction with IT specialists and managers who are responsible for the creation of the software product;
  • close cooperation with pre-sale and marketing staff;
  • networking.

In this way, we can understand that the specifics of the skills and competencies that the sales specialist needs to master are as follows:

  • the ability to convey your thought correctly and accurately;
  • interpersonal skills;
  • ability to draw up and conduct a presentation;
  • ability to logical thinking and forecasting.
IT sales manager

The right start in the career of the IT sales

In the modern world, the importance of higher education is not so paramount for certain areas of professional activity. For example, in order to get the role of a sales specialist in the IT field, you do not have to acquire a special diploma. However, we still have no doubt that your employers will give you a bonus for the presence of a diploma is still drawing attention. That is why the chance to get a prestigious vacancy will definitely be higher with a certified specialist in comparison with other ones.

The fact that the presence of a technical backround most directly affects the extent to which the salesman will understand what he is selling. After all, understanding all the nuances will allow a more qualitative presentation to choose the right target audience and attract potential customers who will buy products of a firm for a long time.

This is the reason why sales professionals from another field will definitely want to move to IT and they should be prepared for the fact that for a while they will give way to those professionals who have advanced education or work experience in this field. However, you don’t need a lot of experience in IT to start a career there as beginners in this field usually:

  • deal with calls and consultations;
  • process requests from potential customers to pass them on to professionals after;
  • guide customers on the way of the client, that is, through the algorithm of steps developed by the marketing department;
  • provide other possible assistance to experienced sales managers.

Wages are on average higher than in traditional fields. That is why it is no secret to us that more and more vendors are interested in IT technologies every day.