STEPN – cool move-to-earn game

STEPN is a Solana blockchain-based application that gives you the opportunity to earn while walking and running. Its goal is to motivate people to live a healthy lifestyle and introduce them to the world of cryptocurrency. This article will explain how STEPN works and what coins you can earn.

But before we start, we need to clarify that you can exchange all earned NFT and cryptocurrency for bitcoin – the most popular and demanded coins in the world. You can do it on any exchange, but the problem is that you can’t keep full anonymity. For this, you also need a bitcoin blender.

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What is the essence of STEPN?

The principle of STEPN is impossibly simple. You need to walk or run on the street, and in return, you will receive game tokens GST, which later can be exchanged for other cryptocurrencies. The game requires an app. You can download it on Android and iOS. However, you can also use the emulator from a PC, but that could be more practical.

You will also need NFT sneakers. You can buy them in the STEPN in-game store or at Opensea. These are enough to get you started in the game. Then you have to launch it and click “Start,” The coins will immediately start coming to your account wallet.

However, the days and nights to go and earn money will not work because each user has a certain amount of energy per day. This is the only serious disadvantage of STEPN. But at least such mechanics will not allow users to engage in abusive behavior.


Anything else?

We have described the main point of the game. But normal walking or running would quickly bore users, even if they pay for it. And STEPN manages to keep its popularity. Why? It’s simple: the developers are constantly introducing new mechanics that pull users into the game more and more. Here’s a list of all the available gameplay mechanics.

Sneaker enhancement

Sneakers in STEPN can be upgraded up to level 30. The higher the level, the higher the earnings. Also, the developers have recently introduced the ability to earn GMT if the sneaker is at the highest level.

Sneaker crossing

Sneakers can be crossbred with each other to create new NFT sneakers. That way, you can craft a really rare specimen that will bring you a lot of money.


The gems allow you to improve your sneakers. If you put them in the shoe, they will get better and let you get even more NFT tokens.

Mystery boxes

This mechanic is loot boxes that drop off after a walk. These chests hold a variety of valuable gifts that can be used in-game or sold.