The best slots

Visitors to online casinos are always interested in how to win more. One way is to choose the most profitable slots, those that either have a high RTP or give out huge jackpots. In this section, we have collected such slots. We will analyze the best slots of 2023, so you can know where to make money quickly and easily.

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Why is RTP one of the factors when choosing a game?

RTP is the amount of money that is returned after betting. If the return percentage is 90%, it means that out of $100 spent, the player will get back $90. Naturally, players expect to win more money than paid, but the average statistic is just that.

The chances of big winnings increase in games with higher return rates. Slots with a return rate below 90% are worth avoiding, and a return rate of 94% to 96% is quite average. However, today you can find games with a tempting rate of 99%.

The best slots

Our editorial team carefully studied the slots currently available at various online casinos and came to certain conclusions. Here are the best titles, in our opinion.

Gonzo’s Quest

This is one of the most beneficial slots in a very long time. Gonzo’s Quest has everything you need for an exciting and enjoyable game. For example, many winning combinations, bonus rounds (free spins with an increased ratio), beautiful sound, and visual design.

This slot’s distinctive features are avalanche scrolling reels, game symbols in the form of Aztec stone slabs, and a wide range of rates – from 20 to 100 credits per line.

Gonzo’s Quest

Book of Ra

This slot gives frequent and extensive winning combinations. It has an exciting prize game with a generous bonus system and a classic card tour to double up, where you can multiply your bonus winnings by several times.

Among other distinctive features of Book of Ra that elevate this slot above others include a large number of free spins, which are given during the bonus game (20 pieces), an attractive interface with a design in the style of Ancient Egypt, and a reasonably high RTP, which is almost 95%.

Mega Fortune

Mega Fortune is a slot machine with three progressive jackpots, 25 pay lines, and a bonus round of 10 free spins. This slot uses themed game symbols like yachts, jewelry, and luxury limousines.

But the main highlight of this simulator is a fascinating and highly profitable prize game. If you can access it, you’ll be offered a massive wheel of fortune; if you succeed, you’ll get the jackpot. Other features of Mega Fortune include exciting gameplay and big winnings. The RTP of the slot is 95%.

Irish Riches

Another popular theme for slot games is slots based on classic folklore. And that’s cool! The problem is that most games use the Ancient Egypt theme. It’s cool, and we even cited Book of Ra as an excellent example of the slot above, but that setting may seem too trite to some players.

However, the Irish Riches chooses a different approach. The developers of this slot used Celtic mythology and legends as the basis. Irish Riches features various leprechauns, pots of gold, rainbows, and the color green. A lot of green! The local reels you will spin consist of various colorful stones, pots of gold, playing cards, and gold horseshoes.Irish Riches has an RTP of about 96%.