Portal Game Overview

This game belongs to the “old but gold” category. According to gamers who like to spend time in virtual worlds, the time-tested Portal is always a great solution when nothing seems interesting among the endless assortment of commercially verified modern games. The game takes players straight to the point, without any introductions and long descriptions of the character’s past. This is how interesting TV series should begin.

This computer series follows the adventures of a young woman named Chell, which is already a reason to think. About what? About something. Portal makes players think all the time. The game consists of 19 different episodes, at the end of which the main character is supposed to get a “cake” (which turned out to be a lie).

Conspiracy Theory

Back in the 19th century, the so-called “political scientists” began to say that human civilization has been a kind of “Project” of the dark forces for the past two centuries. For unknown reasons, a girl wakes up in a locked room with white walls, as if in some movie about psychiatric hospitals. An off-screen voice with a specific sense of humor explains the strange situation.

A voice coming from nowhere explains that the girl is participating in a social experiment, whose meaning and purpose she will have to find out for herself. When you find yourself locked in an empty white room made of concrete, steel, and glass, it is easy to go crazy. The first thing that comes to mind is to immediately find a way out.

Further, the voice coming from the walls introduces itself as an Artificial Intelligence that controls everything that happens in the Aperture Science research center. Continuous synthesized speech sounds so intrusive that it gradually begins to feel like your own internal dialogue. Isn’t this what the social experiment is all about: replacing one’s personal thoughts with someone else’s?Portal would not be a game if its developers did not come up with a special tool that allows you to make holes in seemingly indestructible walls.


Flying Over

The double pass allows the Portal character to pass through a wall, much like the wormholes in the universe, as quantum mechanics call them. It makes you move through space and time in the weirdest way possible and fall out in a new place like a discarded bag of sawdust.

The computer voice explains everything and jokes all the time, but it never tells the character what and how she needs to do to leave the research building and reach the end of the journey. The experimental girl needs to find out everything on her own. To do this, she has to experiment with strange objects of unknown purpose that she finds in the rooms. Those include some buttons, generators, and energy spheres.

Artificial intelligence explains that one of the cubes is a thinking being with whom you need to communicate without thoughts, but on an emotional level in the subconscious. This is how the game acquires a certain mystical connotation. Apparently, the plot of the game was inspired by popular social films dedicated to inhuman experiments on ordinary people, which were popular in Hollywood in the sixties and seventies of the 20th century.

By the end of the game, the character fails to figure out either the purpose or the meaning of the experiment. Perhaps this directorial decision helps the game to maintain such an attractive, fascinating, and mysterious atmosphere. Experienced gamers say that Portal takes 3.5 hours to complete, but after that makes you want to stay in this strange state of searching for the solution to an unsolvable puzzle for a few more hours.