If you want a detective story, Lost Judgment is what you need

The whole story begins with the discovery of the dead body of an unknown person. At the same time, the police are investigating a case of sexual harassment. The accused person is a police officer who misused his authority. What is strange is that during the trial he says the name of the murdered person. A well-known detective named Takayuki Yagami is investigating a bullying case in one of the schools. Everything becomes more interesting when the detective understands that all these cases are connected. Further, the plot of the game continues to develop, completely capturing the attention of players.

Just like in the first part of the game, the plot develops slowly, gradually introducing players to the details of the story and characters. This is both an advantage and a disadvantage of the game, as many people may feel that the story is too long. Lost Judgment is a little different from other games in the series, as it is the least connected with the criminal world. A significant part of the time the players have to spend investigating various cases at the school (the main character got a job at the School’s Mystery Research Club). As it turned out, there are many more serious cases to investigate besides bullying. The goal of the protagonist is to find out if there is a teacher who provokes students to commit crimes. To do this, players need to complete a huge number of interesting tasks.

Advantages of the Game

Sometimes the plot of the game can seem completely absurd and confusing. For example, you will have to communicate with a special forces soldier named Borscht Kalashnikov. The absurdity of the game is based on the fact that Takayuki Yagami investigates the cases of not only students but also adults. The game has an interesting plot. However, it can get boring over time, so players can always get distracted: play mini-games, go on a secret date, try alcohol or food.

Lost Judgment

Last Judgment decided to stay true to its traditions, which means that you will see its beat ’em up style again. After just a few fights, you will understand why following these traditions was the right decision. Takayuki Yagami now owns three types of techniques at once. Detailing is also at a high level. In addition, it is important to remember about the combat mode. The most fun part of the game is its ending which has a unique combat system that will always keep you entertained.

Disadvantages of the Game

The game has two new modes: parkour and stealth. However, they are so simply executed that players get bored after ten minutes. For example, in stealth mode, players simply have to run from point A to point B and throw a coin behind their enemy’s back. Explanations are hardly needed here. The parkour mode is also very boring.

The main character just needs to walk along a ledge or climb up the pipes. There is nothing interesting to expect here. Another drawback of the game is that it has too many elements of that boring parkour. For example, Takayuki Yagami will now have to explore not only certain crime scenes but also every nook and cranny near them, demonstrating all his parkour master abilities.


Lost Judgment is a fun game that will take you about 40 hours to complete. During this time, you will be able to understand the detective story, play mini-games, and simply have a good time. If you are tired of action games, make sure to try out Last Judgment. The game will appeal to you if you like projects with a breathtaking atmosphere. Some players note a slight dullness and depressiveness of the images in some places, but this does not spoil the impression and does not prevent them from enjoying the game.