Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy: A Great Adventure Game

The Guardians of the Galaxy game turned out to be very good compared to Marvel’s Avengers. There are many elements that have changed the game for the better, including improved gameplay and new special effects that create a participation effect. This is an action game where Star-Lord aims to change the galaxy for the better, earn money, and change some aspects of his life. The main advantage of the game is its excellent script, which makes it a great choice for anyone who loves all kinds of stories.

Game Like Comic Books

The gameplay is similar to reading comic books. The plot develops gradually and the game does not give fans of the Guardians of the Galaxy any spoilers in the process. This is an important advantage of the game. Each of the secondary characters in the game has their own unique story. The game reveals their character traits and personalities gradually. The developers did this on purpose so as not to leave players with a sense of incompleteness. The game also makes users start dialogues with secondary characters, each of which is also well-written. All of them have their own personality, backstory, and opinion.

A unique feature of the game was giving players the opportunity to influence the course of the story by choosing answers in dialogues. It is important to note that all the dialogue scenes in the game are well developed. The characters have a huge number of prepared phrases that are repeated only if the players get stuck on one task. The game contains a large number of references to the Guardians of the Galaxy comics. This will especially please those people who like to follow this story through books.

Game Process

From the trailers for the game, it may seem to many that the new Guardians of the Galaxy is pretty much the same as Marvel’s Avengers, but it is not. The main feature of the new game is its colorfulness and focus on details. It is immediately obvious that the developers have done their best.

Although players can only play as Star-Lord, the game offers them a wide variety of features to keep them entertained. Each team member in the game has different types of attacks, including massive, ultimate, stunning, and damaging attacks.

Even though players have time to think when holding a button, it is best not to hesitate, as stun hits can happen at any moment. The game is perfect for everyone who likes different kinds of activities and has no problems with reaction speed.

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy

Interesting Achievements

Players receive points according to how well their fight went. The game takes into account the level of techniques used, their number, and so on. However, even if you fail to make the fight beautiful and memorable, you will still get a fixed number of points.

A unique feature, or rather the action of the game, is brief meetings. The main character uses them to bring the team together and discuss with them the further plan of action. Players can select answer options using the dialogue buttons. Each member of the team has this opportunity as well.


The game has one major drawback: it does not require players to use their brains. Although the fights are very colorful and beautiful, they seem monotonous. The game is built on the QTE engine. Sometimes the gameplay becomes too repetitive and quickly bores players.

Sound Effects

The music selected by the developers deserves special attention. The events of the game take place in the 80s, so the music is selected accordingly to that time. This of course adds a special atmosphere to the game.


Although the game has a huge amount of different dialogues and puzzles, it takes approximately one day to complete. Playing through the game is exciting, even though it can be monotonous at times. All gamers who are interested in comic books should not hesitate to try Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Besides, if you are not a fan of games that have fast-paced plots and require attention to detail and speed of reaction, then you can also safely try the game.