Most popular computer games in 2022

Computer games are one of the most popular things people do. To play games, users take mobile devices and personal computers, download apps to phones and install games on PC. This hobby unites people of all ages and social statuses. Men, women and children download the games and try to cope with the difficulties in them, organise the tournaments and determine the winners.

In this article, we describe the most popular computer games of 2022, which are not new or fresh anymore. Among them are even quite old projects that have a large number of fans all over the world, or new games that could gain a high reputation in the world of gaming. We used YouTube browsing and downloading to make this list. You can start APK download now to begin interesting games on your smartphone. We advise you to do this on official platforms because they are reliable.

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Grand Theft Auto V

If action is your favourite style of games, then this product you will like. So, a gamer can do in this game whatever he wants. For example, he can move around the city, steal cars, rob people he meets, and even be a regular character. This game appeared on the first lines of the rating because it has one full RP server. In previous years, the GTA V received RP servers within which gamers could play their characters, such as nurses, bandits, or policemen. When they broke server rules, administrators gave them punishment. Twitch is one such platform. As for Grand Theft Auto V, its release occurred in 2013.

League of Legends

This is a very exciting game that will help the user control the champion and fight enemies in various battles. Thanks to its music, it has many fans, and among them, there are such bands as Pentakill and K/DA. The World Championship 2021 was the name given to this group’s tournament, during which teams from different countries met. This product received its release in 2009.

League of Legends


This game gained popularity among users around the world immediately after its release. It has a large number of views on YouTube and Twitch. Although it was released in 2020, the project has become increasingly popular to date and increases the number within its lore. The developers of this project try to develop eSports and do not forget about the development of their main game. VALORANT tournaments already have regional leagues and seasons, and in the project itself, new characters appear and the balance changes regularly. We are confident that VALORANT will announce the winners of the competition by next year.


We are sure that this game is legendary as more than one generation of gamers have spent their years there. Users can create almost any idea that comes to their mind, and they can explore and change the virtual world or collect its resources. Today, many gamers from different countries are interested in this project. Minecraft also attracts gamers of different ages, such as schoolchildren and adult men and women. There are many modes that adorn this game and transform its plot. Among them, there are even horror modes. This game received its release in 2011 and it continues to delight users with new ideas so far.

PUBG Mobile

This project is the brainchild of the PUBG. The fact is that its popularity has increased compared to the original version. As a result, it has become very common because it works well on mobile devices. This product develops in all directions today, such as new maps, eSports, donat and new weapons in the characters. It got its release in 2017, but today, it has great popularity too.

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