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Video games about treasure hunters and gold mining

Treasure hunter games immerse gamers in the unique world of adventure, where they explore forgotten ruins, mysterious jungles, and sunken ships in search of lost artifacts and ancient relics. Gold mining is only one of many ways to make money in such virtual projects. This article will tell you about the best adventure and gold mining games. Have a pleasant reading!

Video games about adventures

Any treasure hunter allows users to try different approaches to the subject of treasure hunters, from realistic historical adventures to fantastical exploration of mythical worlds. They allow players to experience the thrill of discovery and adventure from home. Here are the most exciting and proven projects.

  1. Uncharted. Nathan Drake is the main character of this famous series of games. The protagonist of the Uncharted is a brave gem hunter who traverses the world in search of forgotten cities and hidden treasures. Each game in this series combines action, puzzle, and research elements.
  2. Tomb Raider. The protagonist of these fascinating projects is a famous archaeologist and adventurer named Lara Croft. With this brave girl, you are to explore dangerous places around the world, discover ancient mysteries, and fight competitors and dangerous wild predators. During the gameplay, you must try survival, combat, and research elements.
  3. The Legend of Zelda. This series of games is directly related to treasure hunting and includes elements of finding ancient artifacts and exploring mysterious locations. The Japanese game combines exploration of the world, battle with enemies, and solving puzzles. Also, each project in this series contains elements typical for role-playing games.
  4. Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. Assassin’s Creed brings users into the age of piracy. The protagonist and gamer can go on a treasure hunt together in the Caribbean.
  5. Sea of Thieves. Unlike the serial games from our list, this project for computers has only one part. In this game, users become pirates and explore the open world of sea adventures and treasures. In the Sea of Thieves, you will fight other pirates, search for minerals, and operate a unique ship.

In addition to these five games, we would like to discuss other projects focusing on gold mining in the virtual world of fantastic and real cities. Gold Hunter is a simulator that combines art and craft. Every competent gold-digger knows the importance of combining these skills in professional activities. This gold mining simulator will teach gamers to calculate labor potential and use all available resources for effective earnings.

The Hydroneer game will teach you that strategic thinking cannot be ignored in gold mining and treasure hunting. The precious metal business is where a professional should plan steps and eliminate clever competitors.

Because of the diversity of the world of computer games, every user can feel the experience of the prospector without leaving home. Each of these projects will help you get a great reward and a unique gaming experience.


First of all, gold mining is a business. Konstantin Strukov is a great example of a successful mineral finder. Gold mining companies remain among the most profitable corporations, and their professionals must be competent and ready for the ever-changing global market. If you want to try gold-digging, you can start with video games in this area. We hope that our game list will help you with that.