Crazy Time casino

Review: Crazy Time Casino Game

Crazy Time is an exhilarating casino game featuring a prize wheel. It’s developed by Evolution Gaming and draws inspiration from the classic Dream Catcher prize wheel, reminiscent of the Wheel of Fortune games seen at carnivals and on television shows during the 80s and 90s. While it has similarities to roulette-style games, Crazy Time Evolution Gaming introduces its unique twist.

Unlike most spinning prize wheel games, Crazy Time provides a thrilling experience with various bonuses and features. These include a Top Slot multiplier and four bonus games, which make each round compelling to watch. If you’re looking for entertainment while gambling, we highly recommend playing Crazy Time. With an average RTP of 95.4% and a minimum bet of just 0.10, you can enjoy this game for extended periods without suffering significant financial loss.

Now, let’s delve into the mechanics of Crazy Time. The game revolves around the Crazy Time Wheel, consisting of 54 sections. These sections are either numbered or designated as bonus games. Certain numbers and bonus games appear more frequently than others. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. Number 1 (21 times).
  2. Number 2 (13 times).
  3. Number 5 (7 times).
  4. Number 10 (4 times).
  5. Coin Flip (4 times).
  6. Pachinko (2 times).
  7. Cash Hunt (2 times).
  8. Crazy Time (1 time).

To play Crazy Time slot, you can place bets on specific numbers or bonus games by selecting them at the bottom of the screen. Betting on numbers means you win the corresponding payout if the wheel lands on your chosen number. The payouts are as follows:

  1. Number 1 pays 1:1.
  2. Number 2 pays 2:1.
  3. Number 5 pays 5:1.
  4. Number 10 pays 10:1.
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Bonus game

If you bet on the bonus games, you can participate in the respective game if the wheel stops on a bonus game segment. We highly recommend engaging in the bonus games as they provide the most enjoyment and offer substantial payouts.

You have 10 seconds to place your bets, after which the game presenter will spin the wheel. Once the wheel stops, the presenter will announce the winning segment and the game will restart. However, if the winning component is a bonus game, the subsequent gameplay will vary depending on the specific bonus game. Enjoy the thrilling world of Crazy Time, and may luck be on your side.

Crazy Time Bonus Games

To participate in the Bonus Games, you must place a bet on the bonus game spots on the wheel. Crazy Time game offers four exciting Bonus Games:

  1. Cash Hunt Bonus Game: This game resembles a shooting gallery and features a staggering 108 random multipliers. These multipliers are hidden by symbols and shuffled. Players aim their cannons at the symbol they believe conceals the highest multiplier. Once the cannon fires, the multiplier is revealed. At the end of the game, players win their respective multipliers. Since each player selects their own target, everyone has the chance to win a different multiplier.
  2. Coin Flip Bonus Game: In the Coin Flip Bonus Game, a digital display is paired with a physical coin flip. The digital display shows a red and blue multiplier. The coin, with a red and blue side, is automatically flipped by the machine. Depending on which side the coin lands, players win the corresponding multiplier.
  3. Pachinko Bonus Game: The Pachinko Bonus Game features a large wall with physical pegs, reminiscent of a traditional pachinko game. The game presenter drops a puck into the Pachinko wall, and players who have bet on the Pachinko Bonus Game win the multiplier where the puck lands. If the puck lands on the double value, all multipliers are doubled, and the puck is dropped again. This process can continue until the multipliers reach a maximum of 10,000, although the likelihood of this happening is very low.
  4. Crazy Time Bonus Game: The Crazy Time Bonus Game is the most infrequent game on the wheel, but it’s also the most extravagant. The game presenter opens a red door, transporting players into a virtual world with a colossal virtual wheel. Players can choose a blue, green, or yellow flapper located at the top of the wheel. When the presenter presses the big red button, the game commences. The player receives the amount indicated by their chosen flapper, and the game concludes. However, if a flapper points to a ‘double’ or ‘triple’ segment, all multipliers are doubled or tripled, and the wheel is spun again for even more multipliers. This can be repeated up to a maximum of a 20,000x multiplier, although achieving such a feat would require an exceptionally improbable winning streak.

Is Crazy Time Worth it?

First and foremost, it’s important to recognize that the Crazy Time online game, like any other form of gambling, is purely based on chance. In the long run, it is expected to result in financial losses. Therefore, if your intention is to make money through gambling, it is advisable to avoid all games of chance, including Crazy Time. However, if you are seeking entertainment and enjoyment, the Crazy Time bet game is an excellent choice. Consider any money lost as payment for the thrilling bonus games and the exceptional performances delivered by the delightful game presenters on screen. Additionally, you have the opportunity to interact with them directly using the chat function.