First results of the new policy of cybersport development in Uzbekistan – Uzbekistan Esport Championship

Cybersport is gaining more and more supporters. Video game competitions are becoming popular in many countries, and several factors contribute to developing this young trend, including technological progress, the quality of the Internet, and the growing interest of young people in games.

In Uzbekistan, computer sports became a separate direction after the decision of Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev to recognize cybersport as an independent sport and take measures for its development. The head of state outlined the organization of national and international tournaments and championships, setting a vision for the future.

According to the official document, starting in 2023, Uzbekistan will hold three cyber sports competitions annually: the Uzbekistan Esports Championship, the Youth Cup tournament, and the Cabinet Cup tournament.

Tournament Features

Proving their commitment to these goals, Uzbekistan held the grand final of the Uzbekistan Esports Championship. The tournament, with a prize fund of 332 million sums, was organized with the support of the Ministry of Digital Technologies, Ministry of Youth Policy and Sports, IT Park Directorate, Uzbekistan Cyber Sports Association, and Cyber Sports Federation.

The tournament’s primary objective was to increase cyber athletes’ motivation to acquire and improve their skills in cybersports. Additionally, the event aimed to widely popularize this emerging direction and unite athletes within a single system.


Alisher Sa’dullaev, director of the Agency for Youth Affairs and chairman of the Chess Federation of Uzbekistan, delivered a speech at the event. He expressed his satisfaction with the growing role of cybersports in Uzbekistan and highlighted its positive impact on the country’s youth.

“Even in remote areas of our republic, there are people who constantly and actively participate in various types of cybersports. We are glad that through you, we are beginning to realize the potential of our youth, guiding them in the right way, and thus defending the honor of our country in the international arena.”

The tournament attracted more than 1,500 observers, allowing them to interact with skilled players and cyber athletes, receiving autographs and insights from individuals with high rankings in their respective fields.

The competition featured 20 teams from different regions in CS: GO, DOTA2, PUBG Mobile, and 16 individual athletes in FIFA and eFootball.

The Minister of Digital Technologies, Sherzod Shermatov, awarded the winners certificates and memorable gifts. Moreover, a select group of finalists in each discipline received a special opportunity to gain admission to the prestigious Uzbek State University of Physical Culture and Sports without having to undergo exams.

This groundbreaking Uzbekistan Esports Championship marks a significant milestone in the country’s development and recognition of cybersport. The successful execution of the tournament, the enthusiastic participation of athletes and observers alike, and the substantial support from various national bodies indicate that the future of cybersport in Uzbekistan is promising.

As the country continues to nurture this emerging field, we expect Uzbekistan to carve out a formidable place on the international cybersport stage. The dream outlined in President Mirziyoyev’s vision is on its way to becoming a reality.